Let the show begin
We make an application that works like a charm.
Designing and programming skills that blend together as one.
We make an application that works like a charm

Our apps are available on the iOS AppStore and Google Play Store for a free download. Some are totally free without any advertisement pop-ups to disturb you while playing. Some are free with an advertisement to generate views and make some revenue for us when you clicked on it. We encourage you to download our apps and games that we made and make your comments. Our aim is to make everybody and children all over the world happy. The momentum to do is from your support.

Our web hosting service that thrills
Our web hosting service that thrills

We have a range of high-speed Dedicated servers , VPS (virtual private servers) or general shared web hosting for all your needs. Whether you are using your website for e-commerce online business or for personal blogs, choose one of our web hosting plans that answer your needs.

Speed and performance are the core of doing this business. We locate all our servers on the high-speed backbone at the TOT IDC and the other alternative IDC in Bangkok, Thailand. Our customers are from every part of the world so it is quite a proof that our international bandwidth is large enough for international visitors to be able to access your server with speed. Let alone the domestic bandwidth with the 1Gbps speed, it is always capable of rendering data at high speed.

Our firewall blocks intruders and possible attacks from hackers and that makes our system one of the most reliable web hosting in the country with 99.9% uptime. All our servers are using a high performance, Quad-core Xeon processor with a 1 gigabit port as a minimum. We never compromise when it comes to performance. Our prices are not cheap, but still affordable for any serious buyers.

For more information on web hosting, please visit our sister site at Web Hosting Thailand, www.webhostingthailand.com and www.vpsthai.com and choose your favorite plan or request us for a fully customized server of your choice. We will be glad to hear from you.

What's next ?
What's next? The next big thing is coming!

We aim at solving many people's dreams. Our app is going to be the next big thing in this century. Stay tuned for more apps and services that we offer by subscribing to any of our social network links below. Our success depends on your support :-)

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Available on the Google Play Store